We think we are pretty spiffy...

and these people do, too!


*Karen Jeppsen: "When my husband offered to host Christmas at our house, I began to sweat. He invited his whole family-- parents, siblings (and their kids!), sisters-in-laws, cousins...everyone! I was horrified. I knew that I wouldn't be able to properly host them if I was constantly worried about picking up and cleaning. I used Merry Maids 'Week of Daily Clean' and fell in love-- my house looked spotless and all I had to worry about was entertaining and cooking (my two favorite things!). I'm now hooked and have been using the 'Weekly Cleaning Service' for over three years now. Ha."


*Frank Magstadt: "I fell in love with a retro 70's house in Aberdeen-- the interior and architecture were so unique, I just couldn't pass it up. And the shag carpet...don't get me started...amazing! Unfortunately the house-of-my-dreams and the amazing shag carpet had miscellaneous stains all over the place. The former owners must have been quite the party animals! I knew that my wife would never quite fall for it as hard as I did if there were stains, so I recruited Merry Maids. They got out all the stains and made the carpet look completely new. My wife and I have now been living there 4 years. We have a 2 year old who has not quite grasped the concept that food goes in the mouth...so we use Merry Maids a lot. Thanks, guys!


*Uma Poof : "I take preserving the Earth very seriously--almost as seriously as I take keeping my house clean. With Merry Maids products and services, I can do both! It's nice to know that my house is getting cleaned but that I am not 'dirtying' the Earth."


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